Breast Augmentation

For most women, breast augmentation surgery is the treatment of choice. The results give a more fuller, shapelier appearance. Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy is an experienced and board-certified Plastic Surgeon who has performed innumerable breast augmentation procedures.​​​​​

Breast Lift

A breast lift (mastopexy) is performed to elevate the position of the breast and reshape it for a younger appearance. Patients may also want this procedure to correct ptosis, or sagging of the breast tissue due to pregnancy, aging, nursing, or loss of weight. A breast lift can provide a noticeable enhancement in the shape and position of the breasts.​​​​​

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is performed following the completion of a mastectomy. A breast mound will be created in place of the removed breast. This is achieved and completed within a hospital or outpatient surgery center under general anesthesia. Dr. Lesavoy will work with you to ensure the reconstruction is performed under the best possible conditions.​​​​​

Breast Reduction

Women with health problems or are experiencing self-consciousness with very large and heavy breasts are candidates for breast reduction procedures. The goal of the surgery is to improve the contour of the breasts that make them more proportionate to the rest of the body. Patients may also want to treat medical problems associated with very large breasts.

Male Breast Surgery

Male patients can be affected by having excessively large breasts. The primary cause of breast enlargement can be a large amount of excess glandular tissue. Dr. Lesavoy can correct this feature by cutting out the tissue with a scalpel.

The excision will be performed as an individual procedure or in conjunction with liposuction. The incision will be created in the underarms or on the outer edge of the areola. These locations allow the scar to be the least visible. Dr. Lesavoy will cut beyond the incision to remove extra amounts of glandular tissue, fat, and skin located around the areola and on the sides and bottom of the breast.

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