Smooth skin for a more firm and flawless appearance​​​​​​​
Dermabrasion and dermaplaning are cosmetic treatments that help refine the top layers of the skin. It uses a method known as controlled surgical scraping. The treatments will soften the edges of surface imperfections, creating a more firm and smooth appearance for the skin.

The dermabrasion procedure is frequently used to improve the appearance of facial skin after having been affected by various accidents or surgery. It can also smooth out fine facial wrinkles found around the mouth. Another purpose of dermabrasion is that it can remove pre-cancerous growths known as keratosis and deep acne scars.

Both dermabrasion and dermaplaning are available in Beverly Hills as an outpatient procedure at Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy’s office. They can be performed as single procedures or simultaneously with facelift, facial revision, scar removal, or each other.

If you believe dermabrasion or dermaplaning can refinish your skin, you can call us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your treatment plan with Dr. Lesavoy.

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