Reconstructive Surgery

Hand Surgery and Carpal Tunnel Surgery treatment options 

The various forms of reconstructive surgery include hand surgery, carpal tunnel surgery and more. There are also procedures provided for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, dupuytren's contracture, and congenital defects.

Hand surgery procedures are performed to repair common hand injuries, including the tendons, nerves, blood vessels, joints, fractured bones, burns, cuts, and other conditions. The modern reconstructive surgery techniques utilized by Dr. Lesavoy at his office in Beverly Hills, California, can improve the chances of a successful restoration of function and appearance. Treatments include grafting, flap surgery, replantation, or transplantation.

Carpal tunnel is a passageway that connects the wrist, tendons, and one of the hand’s major nerves. The pressure may be built up within the tunnel due to disease, fluid retention during pregnancy, injury, overuse, or repetition of motions. Patients may experience numbness, dull aches, or tingling around the area.

Rheumatoid affects the joints as well as the appearance and function of the hands and other areas of the body. It can result in deformed finger joints and cause a bent position that affects movement. Disabilities can be treated with or without surgery. You can determine whether surgery is the best option for you by speaking with Dr. Lesavoy.

After any surgical procedure performed on the hand, some minor or severe pain may follow. This is because the hand is a very sensitive component of the body. Dr. Lesavoy can prescribe injections and oral medications to treat any pain and discomfort. The healing process may include a rehabilitation course, which will involve hand exercises, heat and massage therapy, electrical nerve stimulation, splinting, traction, and special wrappings to manage the swelling.

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