Skin Cancer

Treating Skin Cancers for all skin types

​​​​In the United States, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. Over 500,000 cases of skin cancer are reported each year and the number continues to increase at a faster rate than other types of cancer. Cancer can affect any part of the body, but they mostly occur in the face, head, or neck.

The cause of skin cancer is ultraviolet radiation, which often comes from the sun. Anyone can be affected, regardless of their skin type, race, or age. However, patients with fair skin that freckles have the highest risk.

To diagnose skin cancer, a part of the growth will be removed and examined under a microscope. It can be treated through various methods depending on the type of cancer, stage of growth, and location of the body. Small skin cancers can be easily treated in Dr. Lesavoy’s Beverly Hills office.

Most treatments involve surgical removal, the procedure can be a simple excision. If cancer has spread to the lymph glands or other areas of the body, major surgery may be the preferred option. Several treatment options include cryosurgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and Mohs surgery.

To discuss your skin cancer treatment options with Dr. Lesavoy, call us and schedule an appointment today 310-248-5451.

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